Illenium instantly made his presence felt at this EDM show from his initial note onward. With power-packed vocals and live instrumentation to complement his core sound of music, he demonstrated just what made this event truly exceptional.

This album kicks off with the vibrant synth electronic instrumental “Starfall”, an impressive introduction that showcases producer John Duddy’s love of rock music.

Red Rocks Pre Sale Tickets

Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado stands as one of the world’s premier venues. Carved from natural sandstone formations and featuring unparalleled acoustics that makes for an unforgettable live music experience, this amphitheater has become one of the premiere live music destinations around. Additionally, as its only naturally occurring amphitheatre in America it plays host to concerts and other events throughout the year.

At this venue, there are events of all sorts held throughout the year ranging from family-oriented performances to concerts by the Denver Symphony. “Film on the Rocks”, an outdoor movie screening starting each Saturday evening before sunset that’s free and open to the public is also hosted here.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre has long been recognized for hosting outdoor festivals. Events at this park during summertime include Denver Beer Fest and Red Rocks Classic Car Show; moreover, this year will mark their inaugural “K-LOVE Live at Red Rocks,” with Casting Crowns, Crowder, and Danny Gokey performing as guests of honor.

EDM enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that Red Rocks 2024 season will feature several high-profile acts. Dabin, an iconic dubstep producer renowned for his melodic dubstep productions is scheduled to appear at Red Rocks on March 31st; his songs fit beautifully within its majestic landscape.

Black Coffee will add another highlight of the season when he performs at this gorgeous venue. The South African producer has had an exceptional year, holding residencies in both Ibiza and Las Vegas before receiving a Grammy nomination for his Subconsciously LP. Black Coffee promises an exhilarating performance at this beautiful site!

As well as featuring LSDREAM, Joey Valence and Brae (best known for their song “Punk Tactics”) will also perform at this concert. Tickets start at $19; purchase them online, over the phone, or download to your phone to avoid lines at the gate – just make sure your battery is charged before attending!


Sami Diament’s move from trap music producer Brillz to bass music artist LSDREAM caused quite an uproar worldwide. This shift marked Sami’s commitment to change his lifestyle, which had once defined him, and embark on an entirely different chapter – one which led him to found Wakaan and create a large discography of psychedelic bass music he called his own. Meanwhile, his captivating performances at Ultra Music Festival Miami’s Worldwide Stage as well as Okeechobee Music Festival‘s Aura Stage left an indelirium mark.

LSDREAM stands apart from other artists by releasing albums rather than singles and creating an immersive live experience at every performance, including featuring a full live band and visually stimulating custom visual content to complement his songs. His third studio album Ascend released in 2019 is part of his Phoenix Trilogy which explores overcoming obstacles and personal growth; it has become 2019’s highest-charting electronic album selling over 250,000 hard tickets since release.

With his deep understanding of mental health issues, LSDREAM leverages his platform to spread messages of positivity and hope. He’s even created a guided meditation album featuring binaural beats for relaxation and healing – no wonder his followers call him “spiritual guru of bass.”

While Illenium’s haunting melodies and emotive lyrics may not appeal to everyone, LSDREAM’s upbeat sounds will reach anyone looking for support and validation. He continues to push EDM boundaries forward while inspiring young people to find their own light within.

Joey Valence & Brae

Joey Valence and Braeden Lugue (known as Brae) are leading a revolution to bring traditional breakbeat hip-hop back while modernizing it at the same time, while keeping true to its roots. Their music blends elements from classic hip-hop, boom bap, hardcore punk with alternative genres in an unprecedented manner; their high-energy antics and impeccable creative intuition set them apart among their peers and make them formidable musical forces in the industry.

They first gained widespread attention with their debut hit song ‘Crank It Up’ being uploaded to TikTok where it went viral, giving the two musicians the opportunity to showcase their unique sound and charisma on a larger stage. Since then they’ve gone on to release more hits, land appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as well as booking world tours!

The pair’s music combines elements of old-school style, adolescent energy and East Coast urban styles; hence their choice to include “phoenix” as a symbol for rising from the ashes in their name. Their songs and videos include humor as well as powerful messages about issues facing young people today.

As well as their jaw-dropping custom visual content and thrilling live shows, two college friends have made waves in the streaming industry with over 20 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone – their catchy melodic bass, trap, and dubstep tracks are popular with audiences from across all demographics.

Illenium takes great pride in building relationships with his audience and ensures a solid connection between himself and his fans. For this reason, he releases albums rather than singles, and brings along his full band on tour.

On his latest album, Illenium collaborated with artists including Travis Barker, Avril Lavigne, Jxdn, Liza Owen and Skylar Grey – creating an album designed to inspire audiences around the world with emotional yet personal songs like Jxdn, Liza Owen and Skylar Grey’s Skylar Grey. Ascend is Illenium’s third chapter of his Phoenix Trilogy of overcoming adversity.


Dumont returned home after her discharge from Sacred Saints Hospital and was stunned to see Billy Russo waiting outside her door, covered in blood. Dumont asked if he was injured but he insisted that he could not recall how or where it occurred.

Russo had claimed he did not remember anything leading up to his escape from Sacred Saints prison, yet Dumont could testify as witness that she witnessed Russo attempting to leave prison and was present when it took place. At this point he apologized profusely but Dumont assured him everything would be alright in due course.

Dumont was suddenly startled to hear someone knock at her front door and recognize Dinah Madani from outside, whom she had met after she fled Sacred Saints Hospital. As Dumont opened her front door and heard who it was she realized it was Dinah Madani visiting after all these years – something which shocked and distressed Dumont to no end.

As they entered Dumont’s apartment, she welcomed Madani with an embrace and quickly transitioned the conversation toward healing from past trauma that both of them had shared together. Additionally, Dumont disclosed her father had died, although this news seemed unconcerned with by Madani.

Dumont became increasingly concerned over Madani’s preoccupation with her. She told Madani that she believed everyone could help themselves; yet Madani persisted in taking advantage of people, including patients requiring special needs.

Dumont has written or co-written more than 30 songs for various artists such as Dalida, Gloria Lasso, Tino Rossi and Luis Mariano – as well as collaborated on multiple songs with Michel Vaucaire on lyrics.

Dumont’s music is timeless; featuring both retro-influenced synths and irresistibly futuristic house beats. Be it nostalgic trip down memory lane “Therapy,” or an exuberant pop track such as “The Power,” Dumont is sure to get people up dancing.